2014 SOS Poster Competition

Welcome! We are so grateful you chose to scan the code on one of the suicide prevention posters you saw at your school.

As part of our efforts to break down the stigma associated with depression and youth suicide, the Nevada Coalition for Suicide Prevention in partnership with the Nevada Office of Suicide Prevention, Clark County School District and Children's Mental Health Consortium created this project to not only reinforce what students have learned in the SOS program, but to act as a reminder that help is always available.

We realized that most of the materials for suicide prevention are geared towards adults and we wanted to change things up by asking students to create something they knew other young people would respond to.

On May 8th (Children's Mental Health Awareness Day) we announced the five winning posters from local junior highs and five from high schools. Each of the ten posters you see below were created by Clark County School District students and hand-picked by members of the CCCMHC.

These ten have been distributed to all Clark County junior highs and high schools to be displayed on school grounds. However, in order to expand the reach of this project even further, we wanted these to be readily available to anyone who scans the QR code on each poster.

Now that you're here, please feel free to download, print and share these where you see fit. We want to encourage you to put the posters up in places where you feel people need to see them.

NCSP 2014 Poster QR Code

Use the QR code to bookmark this page on your tablet or smart phone.

Thank you for being part of this movement!

If You Fall

Made by the students at Southwest Career and Technical Academy
Home of the Coyotes in Las Vegas, NV
If You Fall

Don't Stop the Clock

dont stop the clock

Words ACT

Words ACT1

Behind A Fake Face

Behind a Fake Face1

You Do Matter

You Do Matter

Children's Mental Health Awareness

Childrens Mental Health Awareness

Two Sides ACT

Two Sides ACT1

Dont Judge ACT

Dont Judge ACT

Dark Corner ACT

Dark Corner ACT1