Tom Mendenhall Recognized as Top MHFA Instructor

NCSP would like to congratulate Tom Mendenhall on being named by the Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) as one of the Top 2 Instructors in the State of Nevada!

To show their appreciation, the MHFA has invited Tom to attend this year’s Mental Health First Aid Instructor Summit in Austin, Texas on April 4. Although Tom cannot attend this year’s Summit, Tom and the other Top instructors will be recognized for their outstanding work in Mental Health First Aid.

Congratulations Tom!

Kevin Hines On CBS Sunday Morning

Please watch and share this excellent segment on CBS Sunday morning!  Kevin Hines is featured, along with research discussing the importance of showing people “you care” in preventing suicide.

Kevin Hines is a walking miracle, having jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge and survived. But what might have kept him from jumping at all could have been something as simple as getting a letter in the mail. One psychiatrist’s long-forgotten idea about giving support to those hospitalized or treated for depression or attempting suicide is being revived, and is finding positive results in an era of texting. Lee Cowan reports.
[If you are in crisis, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255), or contact the Crisis Text Line by texting TALK to 741741.]

Christian Everett Interview with Millennials in Motion

Christian Everett shared an interview he had with Millennial Magazine Podcast:

Our second Conversations with the Community podcast, where Angel gets to sit down with Christian from Gears for Life to discuss the very important topics of suicide prevention awareness, as well as depression and mental health in general! We had an amazing discussion with Christian so this one is a long one, but we hope you will enjoy it! We’ll try to separate this podcast into sections at a later time! Please check out Gears for Life at the following links!… Want to be a part of our journey and help us grow? Support us on Patreon! Like what we do?

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Recommendations for State Suicide Prevention Infrastructure 2019

The first-ever official recommendations for State Suicide Prevention Infrastructure have been released!  Developed with an advisory panel of experts and stakeholders, the guidelines lay out essential infrastructure elements for advancing state suicide prevention efforts. They are designed to help state policy leaders assess the status of their current infrastructure and guide policy making, funding, and administrative decisions accordingly. These guidelines may also be useful to others who support suicide prevention at the federal, state, and local level, including funders, suicide prevention coordinators, prevention coalitions, community organizations, advocates, and researchers.


Also note a couple of examples from NV (in the Lead and Examine sections). To see the examples, click on individual elements (e.g. Lead) and go into the individual recommendations themselves, where you’ll see a “Sway” (like a powerpoint) that lists examples as you click through the arrows.

LEARN MORE: View the recommendations online or visit the tools section to download a PDF version, as well as a two-page summary and an interactive checklist. To stay updated on new tools and content that will be added in the coming months, sign up for SPRC’s new State Suicide Prevention Infrastructure mailing list.


SPREAD THE WORD: Help champion the new recommendations by sharing this announcement with your networks, including the following suggested social media posts (& attached promotional image):


  • Twitter: Check out the first-ever recommendations for state #suicideprevention infrastructure from @SPRCtweets designed to help state policy leaders establish a solid foundation for suicide prevention #infrastructurematters


  • Facebook: Check out the first-ever recommendations for state #suicideprevention infrastructure from @SuicidePreventionResourceCenter designed to help state policy leaders establish a solid foundation for suicide prevention #infrastructurematters

Faith Leaders’ Guide to Self-Care After a Suicide

When someone dies by suicide, faith leaders are often called upon to provide care and support to the individual’s family members, friends, and others in the community. As faith leaders help others navigate a healthy grief journey after a suicide, they may experience unique stressors and challenges that affect their own well-being. This video highlights the importance of self-care among faith leaders and shares guidance on what faith leaders can do to care for themselves after a suicide.

Proclamation honors and recognizes NCSP for offering hope and resources

Here are a few photos of our Proclamation received September 3, 2019 at the Clark County Commission meeting.  Pastor Bryan Ostaszewski, Kathleen Dickinson and Richard Egan were present.  Both Commissioner Lawrence Weekly and Richard Egan spoke eloquently about the resources provided by the Nevada Coalition for Suicide Prevention.

The Proclamation honors and recognizes NCSP for offering hope and resources to all of our communities – in reducing suicide through education and public awareness.