Rainbow Run - April 1, 2023

The Coronado Hope Squad Rainbow Run is a community event based in Las Vegas, Nevada, that aims to promote mental health awareness and suicide prevention. Participants of all ages and abilities are invited to run, walk or jog a 5K (3.1 miles) while being doused in colorful powder along the way. The event is inspired by the Hope Squad, a school-based peer support program that trains students to identify and help their peers who may be struggling with mental health issues. Proceeds from the Rainbow Run are used to support the Hope Squad program and other suicide prevention initiatives in the Las Vegas community. The event is a fun and colorful way to bring people together and raise awareness for an important cause. We were happy to sponsor this local event!

Board MEMBER INTEREST FORM (2024-2026)

DEADLINE TO SUBMIT: May 30th, 2024

Thank you for your interest in applying for a Board Position with the Nevada Coalition for Suicide Prevention!

The Board of Directors of the Nevada Coalition for Suicide Prevention (NCSP) is vital in guiding & implementing the work of suicide prevention across the state of Nevada. The Board is comprised of volunteers throughout the state that are nominated & elected into their respective positions. 

To be eligible for nomination & election to the Board of Directors, you must be an adult AND a member in good standing. This means that you are a general member of NCSP (for at least 6 months) & your membership dues are current. NCSP also expects that you have demonstrated involvement in NCSP meetings & Events and/or demonstrated involvement in suicide prevention activities in your community or organization. 

As a prospective Board Member, NCSP expects you to be aligned with the Mission, Vision, & Values of NCSP & to be prepared to meet the responsibilities that come with being a Board Member. If you are unable or unwilling to meet the expectations that come with Boar membership, please decline the nomination. We encourage you to remain a general coalition member though.